What is a public viewing concession?

A public viewing concession is a licensed production facility that is managed by an aquaculture company - in this case, Nekton Havbruk AS. The terms of the licensing agreement require that it be possible for the public to visit the facility, so that they can learn more about the Norwegian aquaculture industry, and its practices on both land and sea.
Companies receive a license to produce a certain quantity of fish, referred to in the industry as the maximum allowable biomass (MAB). Nekton Havbruk’s public viewing facility is licensed to be producing a maximum of 780 tonnes of salmon at any given time.

20 public viewing licenses have been awarded in Norway, and aquaculture visitor centres have been established at:

  • Aquaculture in Vesterålen, Blokken, Vesterålen
  • Lofoten Aquarium,, Kabelvåg
  • The Norwegian Aquaculture Centre, Brønnøysund
  • Namdalen Aquacentre, Namdalen/Flatanger
  • Steinvik Fish Farm Visitor Centre,, Florø
  • Øygarden Visitor Centre, Bergen
  • Hardanger Visitor Centre, Hardanger

Learn more at www.akvavisning.no